Hello Fellow Howrsers!

I am just starting out this game again after a few years and I am psyched to be back into it. I'm remembering how fun it really is.

My goals in the game:

*** I WON MY FIRST ROSETTE!!! (on 3/16/22) Go visit my quarter horse Cici to see :) (haha go see see my cici... lol sorry) ***

- Get as many trophies as possible
- Breed high potential horses
- Get as many breeds and colors as possible
- Increase my equestrian centre in the ranking
- Increase my profile in the general ranking
- Win Rosettes!!!

My Current Breed Trophies:
- Arabian
- Donkey
- Drum Horse
- Fjord
- Friesian
- Percheron
- Quarter Horse

I'm sure my goals will take lots of time, but I am willing to work to get these goals!! I'll always accept friend requests so you can always send them! Don't forget to visit my eq centre!!!

Here's to much more fun!!!

Thanks for reading my page!!