upcoming project involving Appaloosa & Akhal-Teke horses; feel free to reach out if this sparks interest

I adore that this game is still live! I’ve had (and lost) a few accounts in the past, but just can’t seem to help myself. Maybe one day I’ll remember how to make a pretty presentation..?

My Game:
I tend to have a collectors personality, but I prefer to produce my own horses. Currently breeding Quarter Horses, with future interest in Paint/Appaloosa/Mustangs.
Open to stud requests.
I always try to return congratulations!

About Me:
Carnivorous Plants (VTF, Sarr. Purp) | Succulents (thirsty) | Beekeeping (aspiring) | Oddities | Singing (to myself)

I’ve loved horses my entire life, and began taking lessons around the age of six. I found my heart horse just before my eighth birthday, and we enjoyed many years of drill team, 4H fun shows, and Western speed eventing together. In the past five years, I sustained two injuries that have made it difficult to continue riding, but I’m confident I’ll find my way back into the saddle one day.

Overshare- I’ve long known that I experience severe social difficulties. The past year I have been working with a therapist, and we believe that I am on the spectrum. I am still learning the ways this impacts me. This being said, please do not take it personally if a message or request goes unresponded to longer than average. While I do enjoy chatting about the game and other interests, I am easily overwhelmed, and sometimes can not respond in a ‘timely’ manner.

20+, she/her

Thanks for stopping by!


“The best horses in Heaven
they have no tail.
This is a rule they all know
without fail.
For when a new horse arrives
with a short cut bob,
they all know that this horse
did a very good job.

His owner could not bear
to part with her friend
so she saved his tail,
wrapped in ribbons
and in braids,
to hold with his memory
in a very loving way.

To enter Heaven
without a tail
is an honor,
a message,
that without fail
announces to everyone,
far and wide
that this horse
was more than a wonderful ride.

this horse was loved and cherished by one
and when his time serving on this Earth was done
he left behind
a broken heart
and a soul
from which he never will part.”

The Best Horses in Heaven, They Have No Tail
by Miska Paget