I will accept all friend requests! 

I try and return all congratulations as well :) 

Look at all of my Kerry Bogs and give apples to any that you like :) I check them daily and if I see you gave one an apple, I will return the favor! 

I focus on breeding Bogs as I think they are one of the cutest breeds out there. 
I would also love to own a horse with a DIAMOND APPLE coat! It was my goal on my old account that I had many years ago, and it is my goal now! I used to play under the username GallopingGhost, so if you knew me way back when, feel free to reach out now!

I am a 22 year old girlie who is currently pursuing a graduate degree in urban planning in the southern US! I have an undergraduate degree in writing too!

Shoot me an offer on any horses that catch your eye, I may be willing to let one go! If a horse that I have for sale is marked as Negotiable, feel free to offer anything to purchase it!