Some things to know about me:
- I am an adult, so please take that seriously if/when sending me any messages

-My name is based off of the Dragon Age games

-I'm very friendly, and always looking to improve my account, so I look forward to messages and/or offers

Some things to know about my in-game goals:

-I'm always looking to breed the best or as close to the best as I can get

-I’m currently spending most of my energy building my Quarter Horses

-I'm currently trying to figure out which breed(s) I enjoy breeding so that I can really put my efforts and energy into it

-I currently breed (actively) Quarter Horses. I have bred, and sometimes do still breed, Knabstruppers, Tennessee Walkers, and Lipizzaners. I have a few breeds I'm thinking of getting into, but we'll see what sticks

-I'm taking a break from breeding my Lipizzaners as I wasn't loving the breed as much as I thought I would, but I may get back into it soon

I'm always open to friend requests or messages, so don't hesitate to send either my way!

I will buy back horses that I have sold, mainly those with my affix attached to it

-Champion of Kirkwall

-Free Jump Knabstruppers

-Wild West Quarters
Thanks for stopping by!