Adult, Australian female Player. Happy to help people out with services etc, to any of my uni's or sires/whatevers. Pretty much been a solitary player so far but I'm not unfriendly.

Finished! ISO: 'foundie' or 'non in bred' german saddle horses, got a big project on the go and in need of a big number of horses. If you have a pair of foundies you want to keep i'd be happy to buy a first gen foal.
14/12/2023 I'm down to 14 males and 15 females till I've got all the NIB GSH I need! Pretty Chuffed.
29/12/2023 6 males and 9 females!
19/1/2024 Finished! phew!

Feel free to flick me a message. If I outbid you on something feel free to let me know, if we want it for different reasons we might be able to come to a deal. 

Below are lists of males I'm happy to offer covers for:

IRIS COAT Stallions:
Fjord, Brumby, TB, GSH and Icelandic Unicorn.

Unicorn Stallions:
Knabstrupper, Vanner, Fjord, Shetland, Peruvian Paso, Marwari, Russian Don, Arab, TB, STB, Appaloosa, Criollo, Trakehner, Finnish, Hanoverian, Highland, Friesian, Paint, Welsh, Curly, Mustang, Belgian RP, KWPN. 

Aussie Ponies- OG and RG males
Trakehner and Newfoundland males
Russion Don female (still a baby) 

Konik and Marwari males.

Cheers Vala.