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S - six

C - cruel

H - hours

O - of

O - our

L - lives

My favorite books...

 All John Flanagan books that are RA, RR or BB

Dewey by Vicki Myron

 The forever horse by Stacy gregg 

 Prince of ponies by Stacy gregg 

the diamond horse by Stacy gregg

Old Yeller (forgot author) ( maybe my memory has gone bustce52790629679d930ca16c39a4f619c3.png)

I love drawing horsesced83a1ec20d9f7b45a8c537f1ccdf3c.png

I know 10 things about you 

1) You are reading this!

2) You are human.

3) You can't say the letter ''P'' without separating your lips

4) You just attempted to do it

6) You are laughing at yourself

7) You have a smile on your face and you skipped Number 5

8) You just checked to see if there is a Number 5

9) You laugh at this because this is silly & everyone does it too.

10) You are probably going to repost this on your page to see who else falls for it ce52790629679d930ca16c39a4f619c3.png

Dog's view of man: They feed me, they pet me, they take care of me, they must be gods!

Cat's view of man: They feed me, they pet me, they take care of me, I must be a god!

(but cats are still better, don't argue you know I'm right)


are like apples

on trees. The best ones

are at the top of the tree.

The boys don't want to reach

for the good ones because they

are afraid of falling and getting hurt.

Instead, they just get the rotten apples

from the ground that aren't as good,

but easy. So the apples at the top think

something is wrong with them, when in

reality, they're amazing. They just

have to wait for the right boy to

come along, the one who's

brave enough to

climb all

the way

to the top

of the tree

-you hear your name even if its not being called

-you hate hearing your voice in recordings.

-you use the word "thingy" when you can't remember what something is called.

-you say the entire alphabet because you can't remember what letter comes next.

-you and your best friend can say one word, and crack up.

-you hate when one string of you're hoodie is longer than the other.

-you hate it when people think you like someone when you clearly don't.

-you hate it when your favorite song comes on, as you pull into the driveway.

-you feel like if you turn off the lights, you will be safe from anything

-you push those little buttons on the lids of fast-food drinks.

-you hate when you tell a guy to shut up and they copy you in a higher voice

-you hate it when you slap the little rainbow prism thingies on the carpet and it goes onto your hand

-you hate waking up from a good dream and it won't come back

-your fridge has nothing to eat in it, even when it's packed with food

-you stop the microwave when it gets to the last second to avoid hearing all the loud BEEPs

-you hate it when you think of a good comeback after the argument is over

-when someone tells you, "Don't look now," you always look anyways

-you never lose anything, you just haven't found it yet

Bad relatable (annoying) moments

That annoying moment when your horse has won 19 competitions.. and you just can't get that last win.

We all know that moment when we try to win a divine in a TC.. but then we lose on the level that the divine is offered.

Getting an objective that you can't complete after completing the objectives for 6 days in a row.. 

Getting that same objective again the next day. 

Having a streak of 25+ uni fails.. 

Running out of mares to breed because all your foals are colts. Especially with drafts/donkeys.. 

Using up a whole stash of 40 HoPs just to end up with 254 divine dust.. 

Just missing the end of an event.. Or rather, just missing the last reward that you've been working towards at the end of an event.. 

Realising that for some breeds of horses, the only good public coverings cost 5000-7500eq.. Excluding vet fees

When howrse updates the game without telling us and reduces the amount of divine dust that we can find in a HoP to an average of 5 divine dust per HoP.. 

Reaching 15yrs old with a horse and then getting the objective to reach 15yrs old with a horse on the following day.. But now you need to use up your APs to complete the objective. 

Getting the objective to use an item from the luck category on the last day of objectives so you need to use an HoP to complete the objective so that you can get an HoP. 

Good relatable moments 

When you get the objective to give birth to a unicorn and the first foal you birth is a unicorn. 

Hording a stash of HoPs for the next item/divine horse offer and then winning the item/divine on your first try! Or even better- winning the item/divine and another HoP on your first try!! 

That moment when you finally manage to breed the rarest coat for a breed without a hera's pack 

Winning your way into the top 50 rankings to get VIP eligibility successfully

Blupping your first horse by the age of 10.

Saving up passes and buying the divine that you've been longing to get. 

Finally completing your objectives 7 days in a row with perfect timing so that you objective HoP might win you a divine/item that is being offered. 

Breeding your first filly after a streak of 20+ colts.. Same with unicorns. 

My silence is just another word for my pain.

Once the heart gets too heavy with pain, you don't cry. You just turn silent. Completely silent. And unable to feel emotion.

I hate me too.

I hide my pain with a smile.

The pain I feel every day won't stop.

I'm hurting on the inside, but nobody can see it because my scars never show.

If you don't have good intentions, just leave me alone. I'm tired.

Hurting someone can be as easy as throwing a stone in the sea. But do you have any idea how deep that stone

 I was your best friend as a kitten. You threw hairbands and I brought them back to you. You would happily pet me and call me your baby girl and princess. I loved you and kept you safe from the bad dreams that you had when you were little. As you got older, you brought more boys into the home. I saw you light some weed and crack every now and then, but loved you all the same. I slept by your side at night, but when a boy was in the home, you would kick me and throw me into the closet. I waited until the boy left and you let me out. As time progressed, you stopped feeding me and giving me water. You only fed me when you bred me and sold my beloved kittens. When I was old and delivered a bad litter, you threw me and my kittens outside to live in the cold and darkness. My kittens were blind, one deaf, and my third was born dead. I thought you cared, but I was wrong. When winter struck, my kittens died and I lived in a trash can until the humane society found me. I was given food and shelter, but no attention that an old she-cat needed. People would look at me through my cage, they would smile and wave, but no-one ever took me home. I was too old for anyone's likings. One cold winter day, a man with tears in his eyes took me out of my cage and into a light filled room. He told me I was going to a better and pain free place. I purred and licked his hand weakly as he placed the antiseptic needle in my veins. As I closed my eyes, I thought of you, my hurtful owner, that I loved and cared for when you were young It was I who made you laugh when you were about to cry. It was I, the old female cat, that put up with you as you grew older, and this was the thanks I got I closed my eyes and entered a pain free place, as the lovely man promised me. Copy this story onto your page if you hate animal abuse and if it brought tears to your eyes as it did mine.


When I was a puppy, I entertained you with my antics and made you laugh. You called me your child, and despite a number of chewed shoes and a couple of murdered throw pillows, I became your best friend. Whenever I was "bad," you'd shake your finger at me and ask, "How could you?" -- but then you'd relent and roll me over for a belly rub.

My housebreaking took a little longer than expected, because you were terribly busy, but we worked on that together. I remember those nights of nuzzling you in bed and listening to your confidences and secret dreams, and I believed that life could not be any more perfect.

We went for long walks and runs in the park, car rides, stops for ice cream (I only got the cone because "ice cream is bad for dogs" you said), and I took long naps in the sun waiting for you to come home at the end of the day.

Gradually, you began spending more time at work and on your career, and more time searching for a human mate. I waited for you patiently, comforted you through heartbreaks and disappointments, never chided you about bad decisions, and romped with glee at your homecomings, and when you fell in love.

She, now your wife, is not a "dog person" -- still I welcomed her into our home, tried to show her affection, and obeyed her. I was happy because you were happy. Then the human babies came along and I shared your excitement. I was fascinated by their pinkness, how they smelled, and I wanted to mother them, too. Only she and you worried that I might hurt them, and I spent most of my time banished to another room, or to a dog crate.

Oh, how I wanted to love them, but I became a "prisoner of love." As they began to grow, I became their friend. They clung to my fur and pulled themselves up on wobbly legs, poked fingers in my eyes, investigated my ears, and gave me kisses on my nose. I loved everything about them and their touch -- because your touch was now so infrequent -- and I would've defended them with my life if need be. I would sneak into their beds and listen to their worries and secret dreams, and together we waited for the sound of your car in the driveway. There had been a time, when others asked you if you had a dog, that you produced a photo of me from your wallet and told them stories about me.

These past few years, you just answered "yes" and changed the subject. I had gone from being "your dog" to "just a dog," and you resented every expenditure on my behalf. Now, you have a new career opportunity in another city, and you and they will be moving to an apartment that does not allow pets. You've made the right decision for your "family," but there was a time when I was your only family

I was excited about the car ride until we arrived at the animal shelter. It smelled of dogs and cats, of fear, of hopelessness. You filled out the paperwork and said, "I know you will find a good home for her." They shrugged and gave you a pained look. They understand the realities facing a middle-aged dog, even one with "papers." You had to pry your son's fingers loose from my collar, as he screamed “No, Daddy Please don't let them take my dog!" And I worried for him, and what lessons you had just taught him about friendship and loyalty, about love and responsibility, and about respect for all life.

You gave me a good-bye pat on the head, avoided my eyes, and politely refused to take my collar and leash with you. You had a deadline to meet and now I have one, too. After you left, the two nice ladies said you probably knew about your upcoming move months ago and made no attempt to find me another good home. They shook their heads and asked, "How could you?"

They are as attentive to us here in the shelter as their busy schedules allow. They feed us, of course, but I lost my appetite days ago. At first, whenever anyone passed my pen, I rushed to the front, hoping it was you that you had changed your mind -- that this was all a bad dream... or I hoped it would at least be someone who cared, anyone who might save me.

When I realized I could not compete with the frolicking for attention of happy puppies, oblivious to their own fate, I retreated to a far corner and waited. I heard her footsteps as she came for me at the end of the day, and I padded along the aisle after her to a separate room. A blissfully quiet room. She placed me on the table and rubbed my ears, and told me not to worry. My heart pounded in anticipation of what was to come, but there was also a sense of relief. The prisoner of love had run out of days. As is my nature, I was more concerned about her. The burden which she bears weighs heavily on her, and I know that, the same way I knew your every mood. She gently placed a tourniquet around my foreleg as a tear ran down her cheek. I licked her hand in the same way I used to comfort you so many years ago. She expertly slid the hypodermic needle into my vein. As I felt the sting and the cool liquid coursing through my body, I lay down sleepily, looked into her kind eyes and murmured, "How could you?" Perhaps because she understood my dog speak, she said, "I'm so sorry."

She hugged me, and hurriedly explained it was her job to make sure I went to a better place, where I wouldn't be ignored or abused or abandoned, or have to fend for myself -- a place of love and light so very different from this earthly place. And with my last bit of energy, I tried to convey to her with a thump of my tail that my "How could you?" was not directed at her.

It was directed at you, My Beloved Master, I was thinking of you. I will think of you and wait for you forever. May everyone in your life continue to show you so much loyalty.

Put this on your page if this story brought tears to your eyes as it did mine

Re-post this if...

 -you hear your name even if it's not being called

  -you hate hearing your voice in recordings.

   -you use the word "thingy" when you can't remember what something is called.

   -you say the entire alphabet because you can't remember what letter comes next.

   -you and your best friend can say one word, and crack up.!

  -you hate it when people think you like someone when you clearly don't.!

   -you hate it when your favorite song comes on, as you pull into the driveway.!

  -you feel like if you get under the covers, you will be safe from anything

   -you hate when you tell a guy to shut up and they copy you in a higher voice!

- you go to grab something then completely forget what your going to get

   -you hate waking up from a good dream and it won't come back

Dear bullies,

See that boy doing his homework in his homeroom? Last night he convinced his friend not to commit suicide.

See that girl you just called fat? She is starving herself.

See that old man you made fun of for his ugly scars? He fought for his country.

See that young boy you always tease for always being sick? He has to walk home in the snow because his family is too poor.

Remember that boy you pushed down a stairwell yesterday? Well, he committed suicide last night.

Is it worth it to bully people?

Repost this if you are against bullying.


We run around the house while brushing our teeth.

We read shampoo bottles in the shower.

We laugh at our own jokes before we tell them.

We can read a sentence 10 times without understanding it.

We push doors, even when the bold letters in front says 'PULL'.

We say "What?" even if we knew what someone said.

We can see the same movie 10 times.

We run into chairs and apologize.

We laugh at the stupidest things.

We can look at the clock without seeing it.

We turn the pillow over to lie on the cold side.

We set the alarm clock earlier in the morning so we can lay longer.

We try and do things before the microwave goes off.

We try and balance the light switch between on and off.


I am the girl that doesn't go to school dances, or games, and when I do go, I sit in a corner and read a book. I am the girl that people look through when I say something. I am the girl that spends most of her free time reading, writing, or doing other activities that most teenagers wouldn't call normal. I am the girl that people call weird and a freak either behind my back or to my face. I am the girl that doesn't spend all her time on MySpace, or talking to a girlfriend on a cell phone or regular phone. I am the girl that hasn't been asked out in a year. I am the girl that has stopped to smell the flowers and jump and splash in the rain. BUT I am also the girl who knows and is proud to be who she is, doesn’t care if people call her weird (it's a compliment), who loves reading and writing and doing the things that no one seems to have the time to do any more, who can express herself better with words than actions, who doesn't need a guy to complete her and knows the importance of the little things. 93% of british teens would have a severe emotional breakdown if someone called them a freak. If you're a part of the 7% who would ask the person: "What was your first clue?” Copy this onto your profile

                                   This is this cat 

                                   This is is cat. 

                                   This is how cat. 

                                   This is to cat. 

                                   This is keep cat. 

                                   This is an cat. 

                                   This is idiot cat. 

                                   This is busy cat. 

                                   This is for cat. 

                                   This is forty cat. 

                                   This is seconds cat. 

No go back and read every THIRD word... 

betcha can't resist copying it ce52790629679d930ca16c39a4f619c3.png

----///-\\\---- Put This

----|||----|||-- -On Your

----|||----|||--- Profile If

----|||----|||---You Know


-----\\///----- Who has

------///\----- Sadly Died

-----///\\\-----Of Cancer

Or is living with it!!!

Aunty & uncle both have it bad.

Dad had pre cancer of his face

Another aunty had it off her nose

Nana died of it.

 Same Papa who's wife died has it now and he's had it before.

Reality, high chance I could get cancer. Also this I no joke, completely true25376ca9c38f23811c401c64339ffa93.png

I am from NZ

I got divine horse Mały in a luck item

Day 180

I got the divine Klein in a tc59f1c863dca1baa69838b4841ccd34b9.png


Day 188 

Mały gave birth to Małin a bellacorn divine 

Day 341 

Chrissyh gifted me a nyx pack e7e0b504610fac2eb3eaba34d6edee5b.pngty again chrissyh!!

Day 354

Got divine hela in 1 HoP 59f1c863dca1baa69838b4841ccd34b9.png

Day 355

Got divine kawaii in school cards event 59f1c863dca1baa69838b4841ccd34b9.png

Have a great day - SassyLassie