~ Looking for red, green 2** saddle cloths & bonnets ~

About Me

Hello and shalom! I am an adult player currently getting my degree for Interior Design, which I hope to use for historical restoration in the future. I am a Christian and if you are too I would love to be your Howrse friend! My college friends are my family in Christ and I love them so much, they've pulled me through a lot.

Wouldn't call myself a true gamer, but I am a dedicated League of Legends player (so much cringe, I know). If you play, you can find me as OlorwenVanya. I also like to dabble in Minecraft for architecture creativity purposes.

I love to watch movies, especially anything by Christopher Nolan, but I'm also a huge nerd so I also enjoy Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and nerdy things like Ready Player One. I also like Twilight but don't tell anyone. Same goes for books. Classics like Narnia and Pride & Prejudice and fan favorites like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, just to name a few (Huffle-claw!). Favorite TV shows include Friends, Castle, Supernatural, TVD, and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, but I've watched a lot of shows.

While I live in the US, I definitely have the travel bug since I studied abroad in Scotland a couple years ago. Hands down my favorite place on earth and I want to move there if I can. My family's heritage is there, so it's a very special place to me. I also recently visited Chicago, which is a beautiful city full of wonderful architecture and yummy food.

My Game

Loonnnngggg time player, new account after a few years' hiatus. Used to be MystiqueX and Mustanggal before that. If you remember me from back then, say hi! Fun fact: a friend came up with the name Anisphasia for a D&D character I created.

It's a small goal of mine to rank top 100 on the popularity chart at least once so if you want to help me out I'd really appreciate it! I return as many congratulations as I can each day.

Like my previous accounts, I don't intend to spend money on this game and so everything I achieve will be earned through time and strategy. One change I will be making in how I run this account compared to my previous ones is I am now accepting ALL friend requests*!! I want to be a friendly and supportive player.

**NOTE**: if you are a minor, please get permission from your guardian before sending me a friend request. I am busy, so please allow time for me to see any DMs, but please keep in mind that while I am friendly, I am not a chatty person online. Any rude messages from a friend will result in removal of that friend. Any incoherent messages will be ignored.
Although this account is new, if you are interested in a covering from any of my stallions, please DM me!

Most importantly: have fun and happy Howrsing! Please DM me if you have any questions!