She/her || 20s || Canadian 
Returned former player || GA, RC, & Immortal collector a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png

ISO a lifelike Secretariat GA coat. Please PM me suggestions if you know of any! Thanks so much.

Hey there, thanks for checking out my page!

Feel free to sign my guestbook (version 2.0), send me a PM, or add me as a friend. I try to return congratulations as I see them.

My favourite aspects of the game include expanding my coat collections, doing casual unicorn breeding, and blupping “difficult” horses. 

My horse Archimedes would love to give you an aging point if you can answer his question correctly. 

UFOs are at 5% — good luck!

Daily Divines

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 Topaz 1 || Topaz 2 || Topaz 3 || Topaz 4 || Topaz 5 
 Archimedes || Frost