Hi! I'm technically an "original player" as I started my first account way back in 2007. I played consistently for years and eventually ran out of time and interest in the game and my account was deleted. I'm finally back!

I am 25 years old and I live in the Southwestern U.S. Yes, I really am attending vet school and will graduate with my DVM in 2025. I own 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 snakes, 1 horse, and 3 fish tanks in real life. The horse to the left is my TB gelding, Remi, and the dog to the bottom right is my GSD, Echo!

I do ride in real life and although I am currently not competing due to lack of time, I did compete in 3-day eventing for most of my teenage years with my horse Remi. Remi is semi-retired due to age-related lameness and I am taking lessons using a friend's horse now.
I am currently breeding KWPNs and have just started dabbling in unicorns. I'm not here to breed competitively as at this point it is simply impossible for a regular player to keep up with the huge breeding teams that have unachievable GPs. Therefore I'm mostly here for stress relief :) I'm happy to offer stud services to anyone who asks, just shoot me a PM!

I will also happily accept random friend requests. I'm very friendly and chatty so if you want to shoot me a PM, please feel free as well
All of my horses are for sale for the right price! Don't be shy, feel free to PM me about any horses I have. I only ask that you do not low-ball me - I will do my due diligence on finding out what a fair price is and I expect buyers to do the same before they reach out to me. 
Both the horse and the dog in my layout are mine in real life. Please do not use their photos without my permission :) 
I also play on the U.S. server under the same username!

Archimedes | Frost
Topaz | Topaz | Topaz | Topaz | Topaz
Xanthos | Xanthos | Xanthos | Xanthos | Xanthos

Below is my referral link to another online game that I really enjoy. It is a dog breeding and showing game and I highly recommend giving it a shot. If you use my referral link and get to level 3 or higher, please message me on the game and I can help you out with some nice dogs to start with! :) My player number is 1620159 :) Furry-Paws.com: Your virtual dog could be the next champion!