Hey guys,

call me Monoren if you want, but it's not my real name. I'm 24 years old working girl in automobile factory (not a dream job pff).
I love Asia, rice, anime, yaoi, fighting sports, all animals in the world.. 
And oh yeah, in my free time I sometimes play League of Legends and many other PC games.

I'm playing this game since 2011, so I know it pretty well. It looks like I just love to start again and again. Nah, joke, I played Czech version of Howrse. 

Feel free to add me as a friend and talk to me, but I'm not a native speaker of english language. Sadly. 

I'm here to breed Shetland's unicorns and thanks to new spoilers even.... donkeyyys!

GMT +2:00

Done with quests!