Welcome to my page!
About me

I am an adult player in Europe. I have played this game on and off for years on several different servers, just returning now. I was here when the first horse reached 100 stars, I was here when the first PSH and donkey was released to the players, I was also here when the Nyx pack was only six passes.

It's been a while, a lot has changed. Please be kind to me.

The background painting "Cachet" made by ReddestRed.
To-do list

Train and compete with Carrion. He is amazing.:

Interact with Xanthos, Topaz and Frost daily.

Stop forgetting that this page exists for the last purchases.

Special thanks to my horses Bayonetta, Warcry and Frontier for filling competitions and winning enough rosettes to unlock VIP! Additional thanks to my two cute little fillers as well. You have done well, now rest.

Enter a few submissions next month in creation space.


3rd August 2021 - my first attempt in creation space. It didn't get it.

9th August 2021 - won the forum event [Contest] Creative Challenge: Gold Medal

Noteworthy horses

Pavlova, black tobiano Vanner-Marwari mare. My first horse from an auction sale and she just took off from there. I was easily able to earn 20 wins on her and she is clearly a cherished horse. She soon after gave birth to Carrion.

Carrion, roan KWPN-Vanner-Marwari gelding. My first intentional cross breed, and from the start I placed high hopes on him to do well in western competitions. He has not disappointed me and has gained more wins than losses so far!

Absent Truth, cherry bay Akhal-Teke unicorn. My first unicorn, she was a reward for doing some Howrse feedback. Not exactly my first choice but I slapped a Philosopher's Stone on her anyway and also swapped the gender from male to female during one of the piggy bank events. I am not placing many hopes on her, but we'll see how it goes.

Bayonetta, Warcry and Frontier. My special trio that helped me unlock VIP by either winning the rosettes or filling in the competitions for Bayonetta. The latter two, with a few more additional generic fillers, also assisted my friend as fillers and we both made it to top 50 without any issues.

Mystic Warrior
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Oh, you made it this far? Congratulations! Your dedication is admirable and you are an amazing person.