I am an adult player in Europe. I have played this game on and off for years on several different servers, just returning now.

I was here when the first horse reached 100 stars, I was here when the first PSH and donkey was released to the players, I was also here when the Nyx pack was only six passes. I especially miss the negative GP race.

In the end, I am glad we no longer need different foal game schedules for winter and summer, it was awful having to change what you are doing simply based on weather.

It's been a while, a lot has changed. Please be kind.

November 2022 - Back to Basics, my unlimited chestnut horse was accepted.

October 2022 - Blinded Restraint, my sketchy little donkey was accepted. I guess it was spooky enough for the season?

June 2022 - Forbidden Chocolate got accepted on my first try, it was a welcome surprise.

December 2021 - Cachet got accepted as RC! I can't believe she got in with only one attempt.

November 2021 - the pony Tousled Cachet got accepted as one of the 42 RCs this month.
Special thanks to my horsesBayonetta, Warcry and Frontier for winning enough rosettes to unlock VIP! You have done well, I am proud of you. Couldn't have done it without you.