Last Updated: 7/12/21


Thank you for visiting our page!   E.E.C is focused on the improvement of horses under your name by breeding our finest mares with the champion stud of that breed.

If you like, you can pre-order a foal by messaging me for one of high-GP or purebred,* that will be reserved for you and sent in a maximum of 10 days

We breed our mares with studs that hold the greatest outcome in their field, if you do not wish to crossbred; recommend a public purebred stud, your own purebred stud, or a purebred stud from our breeding farm that will come into your subtotal purchase*. Also, if you do not wish for a foal from our mares, we can set up a cover for your specific mare at a reasonable price.



*Purebreds ( Foals/Horses ): 

   IN-STOCK:     Genders:

   COMING-SOON! !:    

*Purebreds ( Studs ):


   COMING-SOON! !:   

*Reasonable Price:

Depending on the breed for your purchase, it would be of around 5,000-25,000+ Equus or 10+ Passes if necessary. All concluding factors will come into play for your total, stud price, breed rarity, high GP, or if you wish for multiple foals at once.

( Example: 3 foals= 3x times amount + fee ).