ℱine ℒine Koniks are recruiting - Current #1 Polish Konik Team - Mins 2 BLUP/week and prizes/bonuses for extras - 20p/blup +bonus for meeting mins - No beaching required/easy blup schedules - message for me if interested


Currently open to new members:
ℱine ℒine Koniks - #1 Polish Konik (mins 2/wk)
Muddy Little Bogs - #1 Kerry Bog (no mins)
Lιttᥣᥱ Shᥱtᥣᥲᥒd Ƭᥱɾɾoɾs - #1 Shetland (mins 2/wk)

I BLUP/autocomp quite a bit, so if I'm stomping you, then just let me know and I can avoid/help you get wins if I have the fillers for it!

About Me

I am an adult player from the UK. used to play years ago but account got deleted (inactivity) so restarted.

If you're interested in any of my horses then ping me a message, the only ones not for sale would be Team horses over GP release

Happy to offer coverings from any of my horses on request, for team horses over GP release they would need to be cross-bred