Hi there! Welcome to my page! 

>> this zone is currently under construction please bear with me <<

⁂ About Me ⁂

My name is ravenscarlett but you can call me Scarlett - I've played the game for a few years but my previous account got deleted so I just recently joined back. If you knew me under my previous user - Popcorn123 - please feel free to reach out!

I'm a full time working college student but if not with my dog or partner, most of my free time is spent here! (: 

I currently only have my service dog, a beautiful Rottweiler, named Raven but I truly cannot wait to have my own horses again. 

Some of my favorites include Harry Potter, Marvel, horses (who would've guessed), coffee, listening to music and cheesecake! 

⁂ My Game ⁂

Currently focusing on breeding and BLUPing high GP KWPN horses and Marwari Unis

I will gladly return your congrats if I see it 

Private coverings available upon request

I do accept random friend requests and always love having new people to chat with! 

⁂ My Sales ⁂

Horses that are currently for sale will be posted either in the auctions or direct sales.
(If you are interested in any horses that are not currently listed for sale, please message me privately with your reasonable offer and I will gladly get back to you)

Currently searching for high GP Friesian Horses and Unicorns ! 

If you have any questions or want a friend to chat with my PMs are always open!

Thank you for visiting my page ! Have a great day ! xx