Hiya, 568c3842c2bcbdd03b18b49a3284e7d5.png I've been an avid Howrse player for 9 years! My old account, Herder, was deleted for inactivity so RIP. 625486c67a9a05320a216cf35bf53868.pngThis is my new account which I will try to remember to log into more frequently aha 1237ba915d5f9f5f8184ac135972068b.png


Feel free to shoot me a friend request! b1b6a66667260b562004585b2c72b31c.png I'll happily accept all of them. ced83a1ec20d9f7b45a8c537f1ccdf3c.png I am in all technicality an adult player (Could of sworn I was just 12 the other day ce52790629679d930ca16c39a4f619c3.png) so if you're underage just make sure your parents are fine with it.

My uncle Verbian has been playing almost as long as me. Go give him a congratulations if you're feeling kind enough! 935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png

A big thank you to DraconicWind for helping me complete an objective! 2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc.png

I'm was selling one Purebred Male Thoroughbred Foal with 18256.36  Genetic Potential and 15% Coat. I will now be raising and blupping him then putting him back up for sale in the future so swing by every so often if you're interested. Check my horses currently for sale tab or click here if you're interested. - Currently on hold will update when back to blupping.

Thank you for reading my presentation. a7bb0d20f957c76aa37af76eaa5f35b4.png