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I am a returning original Howrse player, so many changes in design and gameplay since then!



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* ~ June's News ~ *

New high score of 991st Ranking with 1062 days seniority! Older: 998th General Ranking with 1055 days seniority! 

Currently many horses with companions for sale for under 100 passes! Check out the "Horses currently for sale" tab to see the whole list! 

~ * May's News * ~

Maintaining a General Ranking of around 1000th place and sold a bunch of horses, now just focusing on finishing BLUPing of my many hybred/crossbreeds. 

* ~ * April's News * ~ *

Spring is happening with lots of flowers in my area! Starting General Ranking of 1019th place with 1002 days seniority.  Mid-month Gen Rank of 1001st with 1010 days. Reached 3-digit rankings today at 998th and 1012 days seniority. Finishing April strong with Gen Rank 994th and 1017 seniority! 

 * ~ March's News * ~

Happy St. Patrick's day on the 16th! Sold my first few 25k hybreds, more to come! High General Ranking of 1065th with 962 days seniority! Big jump to my new highest ranking of 1035th with 975 days seniority! Now up to 9000 highest skill Grand Prix horses and new highest ranking of 1027th with 983 days seniority!

 ~ * February's News * ~

Happy Valentine's day on the 14th! Current highest General Ranking of 1097th with 928 days seniority. Next General Ranking high score of 1085th with 945 days seniority.  Newest General Ranking of 1067th with 951 days seniority!  

 ~ ~ January's News ~ ~ 

Happy New Year, welcome 2024! Current high score of 1110th General Ranking, My hybred projects currently at 24k GP! Looking forward to a great year.  Updated high General Ranking 1095th with 924 days seniority. 

 * ~ December's News ~ *

Completed more coat color collections to gain newest high General Ranking of 1126th with 895 days seniority! 

 - Updated new highest General Ranking 1137th with 887 days seniority on 12/22!

Slowly collecting coat colors of all breeds, finishing BLUPing of 21-23k GP horses. Happy holidays and happy howrseing! Over 27,000 congratulations/profile visits! Thank you all so much! 

 - New personal best General Ranking of 1195th with 870 days seniority! 

 * * October's & November's News * *

Wow how fast time goes by! Was hospitalized for 18 days, but excited to announce that this month I have birthed my first 25,000 GP howrse! 

 ~ ~ August's News ~ ~

Gained my new highest ranking of 1233rd with 793 days seniority and my Equestrian Center finally made it to over 90% presteige! PM me for box reservations!

So far my ranking has been hovering around 1250th, seniority from 770 to 790 days, sales of Grand Prix retirees (with companions!) continues. 

* * ~ July's News ~ * * 

Happy Birthday!  New high score of 1254th with 766 days seniority! First two 24k genetic hybred foals were born this week too!  Current Grand Prix rankings - English 120, Western 130. 

 Update: 1269th Gen Rank with 757 days seniority and mid 130s English and Western Grand Prix rankings.

 Happy Independence Day at 1273rd Gen Rank with 743 days seniority! 

~ ~ * June's News * ~ ~

This week's Grand Prix I was ranked 132nd in both English and Western divisions! Also reached a new personal best of 1289th Gen Rank with 734 days seniority! 

New high score of 1308th General Ranking with 730 days seniority! 

Starting the Seeds Battle with new high General Ranking1322nd with 723 days seniority. Ended with score of 1315th Gen Rank with 727 days seniority! 

Wowza I finished the Cards event with 100% and won the divine Morrigan without spending passes! Ranking dropped a bit but still happy at 1346th place with 713 days seniority. :)

Plus, the sales from last month has helped my hybred breeding reach the mid 23k GP range while my new generation of purebred Grand Prix horses are almost to 24k GP!  

 * ~ * May's News * ~ * 

 Starting this month maintaining around General Ranking of 1320th with 687 days seniority! 

Had visits with friends and enjoyed a local festival, Tulip Time, so activity dropped but still hovering around 1330'th General Ranking with 696 days seniority. Many horses with pets for sale - PM me offers!  

~ * * April's News * * ~ 

Ending this month with a new high General Ranking of 1332nd with 677 days seniority! 

Maintaining this month's goal of 1350th General Ranking at 670 seniority! 

 * * Just a few days after even higher at 1366th with 663 days seniority! Almost to this month's goal already! 

Doing well with a new high General Ranking 1383rd with 658 days seniority! Happy Easter! 

  - - Now at 1374th with 660 days seniority! 

Starting the month at 1408th General Ranking with  654 days seniority!  Goal is to get to the mid 1350s.  Dealing with an injury and employment changes so focusing only on GP entry and training this month. Breeding put on hold. 

 *  ~  * March's News *  ~  * 

 I can't believe it but I've gained almost 150 places so far this month with Ranking range 1552nd to 1418th - seniority 621 to 648.

 Happy St Patrick's Day! Then enjoyed Barn sitting and suffered reinjury in RL.

 ~ * ~ February's News ~ * ~ 

Ranking range 1695th to 1595th - seniority 593 to 616. Trophy collection continues.

  ~ ~ * January's News * ~ ~  

Working on collections/trophies, Grand Prix breeding has been put on hold. Current high score of 1714th Gen Rank w/ 582 days seniority! 

Gained a lot of points this week by finishing come collections/trophies, new score of 1743rd General Ranking with 575 days seniority!  

Happy New Year, welcome 2023! Current high score of 1776th General Ranking,  My hybred projects, currently at 22k GP! Looking forward to a great year. 

 ~ * ~ December's News ~ * ~  

Ranking range 1938th to 1792nd - seniority 532 to 557. 

 * ~ * November's News * ~ *

Ranking range 2022nd to 1957th - seniority 505 to 525 (week long hospitalization). 

 * ~ ~ October's News ~ ~ *

~ *Happy 500th days seniority to me! It doesn't seem like that long. Thanks friends!

Ranking range 1995th to 1906th - seniority 482 to 500.

 Celebrating my first few Purebred and Hybred/Crossbreed foals with over 22,000GP!  

   ~ ~  September's News  ~ ~   

 Ranking range 2037th to 1976th - seniority 454 to 473. 

 ~  ~ August's News ~  ~ 

Ranking range 2111th to 2036th - seniority 428 to 451, Grand Prix ranking 120th. 

 ~ July's News ~ 

 Ranking range 2290th to 2141th - seniority 393 to 422 despite 2 part-time jobs.

 ~  * Congrats Naughty Newfies teammates for a huge 1,165GP gain this month! Making great progress with the cute unis.   

   ~   ~   June's News ~   ~    

 Ranking range 2474th - 2400th - seniority 377 to 384.  

 ~  ~ May's News ~ ~ 

 Ranking range 2806th to 2628th - seniority 340 to 352, Grand Prix ranking 125th. 

   ~  My father in law passed away suddenly and I have not been very active for a couple weeks, but Gen Rank is still 2806 on 5/9 w/ 340 days seniority.  

 WOWZA! Huge jumps in ranking from 3322th Gen Rank @155 senority 

 *~ 3074th General Ranking @ 162 days on 10/25 ~* 

 *~ 3030th General Ranking @ 165 days on 10/28 ~*  

 *~ 3002nd General  Ranking @ 168 days senority on 11/1 ~* 

*~ 2994th General Ranking @ 178 days senority on 11/14 ~* 

  *~ 2974th General  Ranking @ 179 days senority on 11/19 ~* 

  *~ 2965th General Ranking @ 183 days senority on Thanksgiving! ~*

 *~ 2941th General Ranking @ 185 days senority on 11/27 ~* 

*~ 2920th General Ranking @ 187 days senority on 11/30 ~* 

  *~ 2863th General Ranking @ 189 days senority on 12/2 ~*

 *~ 2802nd General Ranking @ 191 days senority on 12/4 

  *~ and now up to 2794th Gen Rank @ 193 senority on 12/7! ~*