Hello, and welcome to my page! 

I have recently rejoined Howrse after my original account got removed from inactiveness, I am already enjoying being back in the community and have spent a lot of time playing already!
I am 22 years old, I have two children and I am expecting my third in about 4 months time. I love to read, I love animals and I love playing games. What are your interests?
I will accept all friend requests and I will reply to all messages. 


My current goals for gameplay are to:
+ Grow my breeding farms
+ Develop my equestrian centre
+ Breed high standard horses in a few breeds
+ Climb up the general ranking despite being a new player
+ Collect some more sought after horses ie divines or specials
+ I would love to join a team for breeding
- I have one of each regular breed of horse/ponies in my breeding farms. If you have any horses to sell below 3000e, I would love to welcome them to my breeding farm, regardless of genetic potential/skills. 
- I have opened an equestrian centre called, Cornish Pulchritudo, meaning Cornish Beauties. I currently have 30 boxes and offer many perks for just 50e a night.
- I have started to breed and sell high skilled Thoroughbreds with high genetic potential of 18700+, I am hoping to breed some Camargue horses and some Hackney horses too.
- As of 08/05/21 I am #8592 in the general ranking
I would like to join a team for breeding either of the above breeds, I am able to BLUP horses fairly quickly and effectively. I breed good quality and purebred horses.

Thank you for reading!