Hey! Welcome to my page

I return all congratulations I see and accept all friend requests

1000th Congratulation gets a surprise BMI!

(ideally send proof if you don’t think i’ve seen it)


Make sure to check out my sales!
If you are interested in a certain horse don’t be afraid to send me a message with your offer. 

I will take any horse for 500-3000 equus. Just mail me or put in my reserved sales. :)

ACCEPTING OFFERS ON CAVALLINO RAMPANTE https://www.howrse.com/elevage/fiche/?id=71168762


About me:

I used to have a fairly successful account on Howrse but I got logged out and then the account was deleted for inactivity, so here I am :’)
I’m an English player with she/her pronouns and a mad love for horses! I have my own Irish Sport Horse cross in real life and I adore her to bits.

As you can probably tell I love thoroughbreds! If I’m correct, I got the trophy of all coats for the thoroughbred breed on New Year’s eve 2021

On the 26th Of December 2021 I got my first divine on this account, Frohe Weihnachten!
On the 6th of January I won my first rosette with my favourite horse Cavallino Rampante, I didn’t breed him but I did train him myself!



I currently breed mainly thoroughbreds and I'm enjoying gradually extending my herd and affix. Most of my foals are available for a good price so don't be afraid to ask but don't be put out if I decline your offer. If you also want to use a stud, drop a message! If you have any other questions, I don't bite!


The Other Horses/ The Ranch:

Here, I have a rather random collection of breeds! It’s basically like my ‘ranch’ but just my fun thing to do on the side of my thoroughbreds. It consists of mainly cheap horses I’ve found that I quite like and bred with etc. or my first horses! 


Thank you for reading! :))