Thanks for taking a look at my layout! I'm an adult player from UK, returning to Howrse after many years. I’m back compulsively blupping, & training skillers to stop me going stir crazy at home during lockdown :D These days I breed TB’s and have a soft spot for Welshies. I am pretty competitive and enjoy a fast paced team or two, but I also mainly like to blup because it relaxes me. I'm usually around at strange hours ;)
I’m an original, starting on Howrse back in 2007. I bred the best Welshies on the game from the ancient 350 GP (!) with the affix of NR Welsh Stud (foundation of the Future Perfection/ Absolute Perfection lines). I originally found the game through the NewRider online forum. I ride/ have horses in real life and am always happy to help out, either with horsey questions or game stuff where I can. If I auto-stomp you EEK!! Just message me and I’ll put some fillers out for you to make up for it  :)


06/11/21 Got fountain for the first time :)
02/11/21 No 1 skilled horse on the game! And placed 4th in Prix, highest placement yet :)
A bunch of other stuff I’ll get around to updating...
12/04/21 Joined top TB team Mas-Destruction + top Welsh team A World of Salty Beaches (Marking a very long overdue return to a breed close to my heart <3)