About Me

Hello! My name is Elexis and i have played before and I am excited to be back! I have always loved horses but never got the chance to be around them but i love this game. I am currently a undergraduate student studying psychology and criminology with minors in forensic science and English. if you didn't gather from that, yes I am absolutely obsessed with criminal minds. now just a little more basic things about me. my favorite color is yellow and I am a very old soul. I collect vinyl and love photography. I am open to a laid back RPG if you would like to message me about that we can figure something out Feel free to message me if you just wanna talk. I will accept all friend requests and help in events when I can..

My Game

I plan to play a very laid back game and right now I am focusing on building my line of TBs from foundations to a competitive GP. You may make an offer on any horse; however, all offers on foundations will be denied. If you would like a covering from one of my stallions shoot me a message and I will gladly reserve one once the requested stallion is at a full BULP. Additionally if you have foundations TBs you are looking to sell I'd be happy to negotiate or if you have stallions I am looking for coverings as well. Have fun everyone! Some side projects I will be pursing is donkeys and unicorns.
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