Hi! I apologize for my equestrian center being not very good, it's new. (Thats why it is so cheep). If someone congratulates me, thank you, and I will congratulate you back as soon as I can! I love horses and currently have a real one of my own. If you email me I wont give away any personal information, so don't ask please.  I will not take random friend requests. And please email me if you want a reservation at the EQ center! :)

(I don't really know how to end my presentation thingy, so I am going to end it with telling you my favorite animals because I am a HUGE animal person!) :) My favorite animals(I love animals so much that I have more than one) are wolves, horses, tigers, lions and dolphins. :) 

Buying horses

I am into breeding more than competing right now, and selling the horses I breed. If you want to buy a horse of mine but don't like the price, than I am happy to negotiate a fair price. :) I currently have not completed enough objectives to have reservations yet, so if you really want to buy a horse of mine, then I hope no one steals the auction! Also my breeding production is kinda slow right now, so please buy my horses! They usually don't have any skills but really good genetics, so please don't base your price on the skills. Also If you want a full grown horse I will gladly take care of the horse you want until fully grown. I will breed specific horses for you if you want me to, but when you buy those horses they will be a little bit extra. 

I will buy anyones horse for 2,000e if they just message me. :) I will not buy a horse if the genetics are lower than 7,000. I would prefer female horses so I can breed, but I will buy stallions too. 

If anyone wants to know, this is what my horse looks like: Dapple-Grey-Horse-Pictures.jpg