a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336_v1582023526.pngBEST WOLF YET!a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336_v1582023526.png

59f1c863dca1baa69838b4841ccd34b9_v1582023526.pngWon the 5000 Rosette's Trophy59f1c863dca1baa69838b4841ccd34b9_v1582023526.png 

2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc_v1582023526.pngon 10-6-232a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc_v1582023526.png

The 5800 TH person to congratulate me will receive a surprise BMI!!

Send me a message if I don't see it happen


The Elite


Gold = 20 ᴀʟʟ ᴛʜɪs&ʜᴇᴀᴠᴇɴ ᴛᴏᴏ Nᴏ Gᴏᴅs Nᴏ Mᴀꜱᴛᴇʀs ghost stories 26,805.19

Silver = Trots For You 1T Nᴏ Gᴏᴅs Nᴏ Mᴀꜱᴛᴇʀs JoJoPony 26,802.77

Bronze = 20 B I G picto4 B A D Nᴏ Gᴏᴅs Nᴏ Mᴀꜱᴛᴇʀs sammyX0 26,802.74


Gold = Takin Names 2F ᴄᴀʟᴀᴍɪᴛʏ ᴏғ ᴅᴀʀᴋɴᴇss JoJoPony 7,055.59

Silver = 7051 CᖾɩꙆᑯɾᥱᥒ oƒ Tᖾoɾ Jilly's Mum 7,051.64

Bronze = 20 6211.17 MH31 CᖾɩꙆᑯɾᥱᥒ oƒ Tᖾoɾ marisahenry31 7,051.05


Gold +  +162 Takin Names 2F ᴄᴀʟᴀᴍɪᴛʏ ᴏғ ᴅᴀʀᴋɴᴇss JoJoPony 51

I achieved #1 Dressage Horse with "Per Dragon" 

a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336_v1582021737.pnga4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336_v1582021737.pnga4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336_v1582021737.pngon  6-24-21!!  a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.pnga4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.pnga4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png


My team "SuperNatural Blood" is recruiting.   Reasonable prices.  Contact me with questions or to get one of our great Tb's. 

I am an adult player 

Please help me run my comps!  I will always return the favor if you send me a PM.

What would you like to see in my forum??

Let me know in my discussion