Hello! I'm an old player, from around 2016, who has decided to pick up the game and start playing again.                                            I am an adult player (20), and prefer to chat with people only around that age or older.                                                                    I rode horses competitively for 11 years, and just recently quit in order to go to school full time. I have had two horses in my life, Patrick and Emmett, both alive and well. As for competing, I specialized in the hunter/jumper world, and had all kinds of fun with that!                                                    At the moment, I have one dog and five cats. Unfortunately, both of my lovely horses have been sold to happy, less busy homes. I still keep up with them though!      As for school, I am a Biochemistry major, hoping to specialize in surgery later on.      
At the moment, I am primarily focusing on Purebred Spanish Horse unis!                                                                                                        I also collect Golden Apple coats!                                                                                   Current Top GPs:                                         PB Spanish Horse (Uni): 10338.06                                                                                      Goal GPs:                                                        PB Spanish Horse (Uni): 10000.00                                                             12000.00                                                                                 Check out TPBM in my EC forum!!                                                                                  Thanks for 9th overall in popularity on 3-5-2020!