Hello everyone! 

I'm located in Canada and will be focused on breeding three horse lines:

1. Standardbred (paused)
2. Arabian
3. Thoroughbred 

Standardbred update: I am selling off all my Standardbreds, including my original Ouranos and Gaia horse! Her name is Lexiia! If you collect original horses, send me a message to purchase!

Please note, I am an adult player so if you are a minor, please have permission from your parents, before you message me. 

I seem new, but I used to play way back in 2007 under hunterjumper130. It is amazing coming back to see how much the game has changed and improved! 

Congratulate me on my game and I'll congratulate you back! My goal is to congratulate 800 people per day for their game!!

Goals for my game currently:

1. Maintain top 10 position for popularity

2. General rank in the top 1000