Hi and welcome to my page, you can call me Kaz. It's not my real name but it's what you can call me for internet safety purposes. I used to play Howrse an eternity ago in the early 10's and left for reasons, and now I'm back and slowly building my new breeding farm.

If you need any help with daily objectives let me know and I'll gladly chip in. I sign on most days so I should be able to help with congratulations and events.

If I have a stallion that you want a cover from please just ask and I'll reserve private covers for any of your mares.

I'm also interested in buying purebred colts to raise for competitions and stud so if you have a spare colt or a failed attempt for a unicorn foal (preferably in a breed and/or coat I don't have, but I'm not too picky) just let me know, I'd be happy to give it a look. I'll also buy crossbreeds if they interest me, I don't usually buy half-mixes but if the horse has three or more breeds in their family tree and good potential for competitions odds are I'll be interested.

I don't always have horses posted up for sale but if you spot a two year old that hasn't started training that you want to purchase I encourage you to make me an offer, my untrained yearlings are basically always available, especially if I have multiples of the same coat in that breed.