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» Hello & Welcome to my page! «

I'm Iro. I'm 20 and from Finnish Lapland. I used to play this game a lot when I was younger, and now I'm back. I'm a non-pass buyer.
In real life I enjoy fishing, being outside and photography, but I also like playing videogames. I'm currently busy with yardwork, but I try to be as active as possible.

I have a bunch of different breeding projects, but I had to slow down a lot because of the lag. I started with Lusitanos, and now I have total of four affixes. I also breed drafts, Finnish horses and my precious mixed breed horses and ponies.
All my fully BLUPped stallions* will give out coverings for 500eq, and I can cover any of my mares* by the stallion of your choice for a fair compensation.
(*doesn't include drafts or retired horses)

I will accept all friend requests.  At first I congratulated everyone daily, but the lag sadly has made that impossible. I'm also open for chatting.

Stay safe!