Hey, I'm WolfofDusk, but I go by Wolf. I'm not new to the game by any means, but I am new to the server. (Relatively.) Trying to build this account into something a bit better, we'll see how it works out. INtending to do Selles for ranking and Iris coats for income. Feel free to message about any horse.
I'm a proud equestrian of about a decade, and crafter of miscellaneous random projects. I knit, crochet, sculpt, write, draw, paint, sew-really anything you can think of. I own a Labrador named Jax, who happens to be a compete nutter most of the time but delights me anyway. Even if he does run his head into the fence sometimes. I've lived both in the US and overseas, and have moved frequently for most of my life. I also read a lot, and love to randomly discuss or argue over pretty much any book. (I'm the sort of book lover that will have entire one-sided conversations with the poor volume in question.) So... yup. That's me. This beautiful layout was made for me by Merenwe, thank you again!
Currently looking for Aphrodite's tears, Chronos timers, Achilles heels, and Philophete's strokes. Also collecting RC, GA, and Wandering coats if you happen to have any.
Willing to sell almost any horse, just shoot me a message. I give new players and friends discounts!
Not currently part of any team on this server, but would consider joining a team if they understood that I'm not a big pass buyer and thus have more limited resources. (Have played on teams be fore on other server.)