Hello. I used to play many years ago and never picked it up again until recently. I have no idea what my old name used to be but you can call me kelso. I'm now an adult player and try to log on every day. I have a [big girl] job too so life will sometimes get in the way. If I don't congratulate you back, send me a PM and I'll be happy to return it0bcb59b20b3d6ca052d914412ddf00ab.png

Sorry this is so simple of a layout. I have no idea what I'm doing.

My game:
Currently I am breeding Quarter Horses. 
1.8.2021 Quarter horse coats trophy50585be4e3159a71c874c590d2ba12ec.png
I'm also dabbling in Finnish breed. It was a side quest at first but that's likely the next breed I'll work towards all the coats for.

I'm also looking to get the Species trophy and the trophy for owning 1 of every breed. And eventually all coats for all breeds but that'll be a while. It's slow going of course.

Giveaway things/promotions/advertisements:
1.22.2021 Tiaana 500 has a 3000 Day Generosity Event! Ends at 3000 days *Sorry there isn't a link, I [as usual] have no idea what I'm doing*