MS Equine Solution Services

Our focus for MS Rodeo Horses is to breed the best all around western horses on the game! we carefully pick and breed the dam and sire to create the best horses. We specialize in barrel racing but our horses are bred to compete in any western event. We home you consider purchasing, breeding and competing your MS Rodeo Horse!

Triple Crown Elite is strictly well bred thoroughbreds that can compete under any english event, mostly racing. We make sure all horses are 100 BLUP and ovewr 17,xxx GP before breeding. They make great horses for your breeding program or racing career!

Drafts N Donks is the best draft horses and donkeys in the game, I feel these species are looked down upon and underrated. With some time, breeding and training I plan to have a brand on all of the best in the game!

Trophy is for the horses bought to complete a trophy but with more thought into plan ideas they will all have good GP, BLUP and competition results.