Welcome. I am an adult player and a follower of Jesus Christ. Ephesians 2.8-9

I created this account on Nov. 23, 2020 - a unique year for me in many ways!!! 

My 2 favorite breeds in real life are Arabians and Appaloosas.
I owned an Appaloosa and POA years ago. Both were wonderful horses.

SEVEN lists horses you can click on to win prizes.
Enjoy your game. a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png

***I am going through Cancer treatments for the next 2 years, and I have very low energy levels. Therefore, I cannot do everything  I  would like to do, But I will be on as much as  I  am able. God is Faithful and True. He's with me always to the end of the ages.***


GETTING STARTED:: How to Advance in your HOWRSE game for Beginners::
Be Patient!!! It's a slow process that takes time + effort.

1.  Read the Breeders and EC manuals under the "?" mark tab on the right.
      If you are playing on a computer, find the blue bar with "Breeding farm, Equestrian center, Trade,..." etc. The "?" mark is on the far right of the Blue Bar.
     ALSO, you can go to the Community tab and click on Game Play to learn more and get questions answered. 

2.  Get on every day to work your horses and do other stuff as much as you can. Participate in the games And Click on all the UFO's that pop up, to win Equus & Prizes.

3.  Complete as many of the Objectives under the Achievements tab as possible each day.

4.  Breed your mares to purebred stallions of the same breed with 100% Blup.  Find the highest Genetic potential stallions that you can and pay no more than $500 max for now, to save your money for feed and boarding of your horses. You'll be paying for vet services and fees on top of that when you breed your mares.

5.  Your FIRST Goal is to breed ((or purchase, breeding is easier but slower)) 20 horses to work with everyday.  Because you can earn $ by doing the missions and from the competitions. Plus you get the manure droppings which you will need later.

6.  Your SECOND Goal is to open your Equestrian Center. You must complete the objectives to do that. Your EC is the "power house" of your game. You will buy pastures for the horses being boarded, but even more importantly you can grow crops and cows.
Build your Workshops, Greenhouses and stalls. Keep your crops growing and keep your workshops in production. Eventually, you'll have plenty of food stuffs and tack for your boarders, and more to Sell to earn Equus.  Start the competitions for your EC and designate them for Low-level horses to earn $500 each time each competition is run. Enter two of your own horses in your EC's competitions each day if there is room. That will entice other players to use your competitions and raise the Prestige of your EC as more players enter your competitions.

7.  Your THIRD Goal is to complete enough objectives to enter 4 of your horses in the Grand Prix. You will receive $500 Equus for each horse in the Grand Prix races which run daily, Monday thru Friday.  
     If you enter 4 horses in the Grand Prix each day, Monday to Friday, that's $10,000 a week more to build your EC and Herd! If your horses are Really Good, you'll earn even more! 

8. You will eventually have opportunities to earn Passes by completing the daily objectives. Also, some of the Divine horses give passes. 

9.  Go to the Equus Tab at the top of the screen and watch the Promotional Ads everyday to earn more Equus or other prizes. Some of the Ads are funny.

10.  Western OR Classical?????

A horse who is higher in SPEED than Stamina will do best in CLASSICAL
A horse who is higher in STAMINA than Speed will do best in WESTERN.

I have found this to work consistently without any formulas or trying to match top 2 to 3 skills to a competiton.
      When you are ready to compete with the top players in the game, then will you need to match the top 2-3 skills to the competition.

11. Have Fun!!!
     ((Updated 2.14.2021 by Ms.Mamie))