Welcome to C Lazy S Ranch

We are proud to specialize in…

Breeding high class quarter horses and nokotas
Bettering the donkey species

About the Owner and Operator…

Hi! My name is Cayls. I’m an adult player that was born and raised in the foothills of Colorado, who now resides in Northern Texas as of fall 2021. I have a large following on instagram for my AQHA gelding Wilson and the other talented horses I’m honored to work with. Him and I are your average-joe barrel racers, nothing crazy fast, but just trying to focus on correct and consistent. 

I work my game like I train for races; slow and correct. I focus strictly on raising my horses correctly to BLUP to one hundred before I consider breeding anything. I have my selected breeding stock that I keep to breed foals to sell, as well as breeding stock to raise up my personal horses and their genetic potential. I will constantly have horses for sale anywhere between foals and young horses that were bred to sell or don’t reach my requirements to qualify as breeding stock to breeding stock that no longer benefits my programs and could benefit someone else. 

I don’t have many goals for my game other than continuing to breed better genetic potential horses as well as donks. I refuse to gatekeep information, so if anyone’s seeking advice on bettering their programs or just need help, I’m happy to share my knowledge and anything else to help anyone.

C Lazy S Ranch Boarding Facility

C Lazy S Ranch’s boarding facility is currently open to the public with limited stalls. All stalls provide all adementies that can be offered. These amenities include Hay, Oats Carrots, and Mash. Tack is of the finest quality including 3 star Saddles and Bridles as well as pads, polos, and bonnets. 

C Lazy S Ranch is the home of C Lazy S Productions. We specialise in western events with beginner western pleasure, barrel racing, and intermediate cutting. We also host advance reining and trail classes. 

Stallions Standing at C Lazy S…

Buggin’ The Fire
Fire On Bug

“Buggs” is a dun stallion standing at 15.3 hands. This gorgeous stud is home grown out of our own, Mulberry Fame, and is an up and coming star. He has an impressive GP reaching 18,226.97, and specializes in western events. Buggs’ stud fee is $6,000.

Alone Drifter
Strawberry Wine

“Lincoln” is a stout 16 hand, bay stallion. Our sweet boy reaches a solid GP of 18,206.48, and is our only stallion that specializes in english events. Lincoln’s stud fee is currently at $5,000.

Arctic Ice King
Tres Seis
Sangria Rey

“Willard” is a well built flaxen chestnut stallion standing at 16 hands. This athletic stud has a GP reaching 18,171.07, and specializes in western events. Will’s stud fee is at $4,500

Standing Tall
Leavn' Mulberry Fame
Mulberry Fame

"Church', our strawberry roan stallion stands at a massive 16 hands. This stud's GP reaches a solid 18,243.41, and specializes in western events. Church's stud fee is $6,000.


Up and Coming Junior Studs… 

Famous Fire Bugs
Famous Rey-Banz
Triple Vodka
Irish Paddy’s Whiskey
Irish Driftwood

Other High Class Stallions… 

Streakin’ Jess Perry
Royal Shake Em
French StreaktoVegas