My Game Play:
        I really am just on here for fun. Non-Pass Buyer. I really like collecting generations so when I buy a horse, I usually try to buy any/all offspring, Twin, Sire, Grandsire, Dam, and Granddam if they are for sale as well. I also really like collecting horses with the same affix, especially those with a retired breeder. I also collect GA and RA coats. I mostly focus on Quarter Horses and Appendix's. As Of 12/16/2022 My Appendix QH's breeched the 22400 GP Mark -  I am very happy with the progress I have made! 

My Top Stud Right Now:
  - Holly Wood Blue's (Lone Wolf Quarters)

My Top Mare Right Now:

 - Scottish Rose (Lone Wolf Quarters)

- Upcoming Mare - Lone Wolf (⋆Ω⋆ ƑƦƠM ƬӇЄ ƛƧӇЄƧ ⋆Ω⋆)

My Buys
        I am always looking to buy horses - especially Quarter Horses! PM me if you have any you are looking to get rid of or any you think I might be interested in. I'm always looking to add good horses to my line no matter the GP/Age/Training or if it is crossbred.

Stud Covers:
         As of right now A Lot of my Studs (Mostly My QH's) are Not available for coverings. You can PM me and ask if the Stud you are interested in is available for covers because very very rarely offer coverings outside of my own horses due to my own personal game preference, so you will not see any Public covers from me. I won't necessarily say no, so it doesn't hurt to ask.

Favorite Horses:
     All Of The Horse's In The Active Tab. Plus all in retirement. 

My Sales/My Tabs:
 ONLY Horses In My "The Other Horses" Tab And "BLUP To Sell" Tab Are Up For Sales Consideration. PM Offers If It Isn't Up Or If You Want To Negotiate - I Have A Time Limit Of 24 Hours For My Reserved Sales Due To Me Not Wanting Any Horses I Put In There To Sit Forever. ( I will extend it or reopen the sale if made aware of more time being needed - Things happen IRL)* Horses In The Active Tabs And Retirement Are Not For Sale* ** Horses I Have Bred Are Also Not For Sale - No Matter What Tab They Are In** - I Will Not Change My Mind At This Time. Also, I Have The Right To Decide To Not Sell A Horse I Was Originally Going To Sell In A Reserved Sale OR Direct Sale.  
US Server:
      I also play on the U.S Server under the Same Name. It has been interesting to see the little differences between the two servers.
I buy back those that I bred and sold from when I first stared playing -> ( MW Bred, MW Mustangs, *READ Wolf Wants Back*) 

 I return congratulations when I see them.  

         I help out with Objectives - This includes the over 10k sale. I will sell the horse back if you want it back after the no buyback period passes. Pm and reserve for me to help you out with it. 

         I Do Accept Friend Requests. 

Rosette Wins :   As of 10/29/2022
                           With Sophisticated Order - 1
                           With Night Light - 1                                                                  
                          With All's Fair Here - 6
                         With Misty Harbor - 4   
                        With Dark Antidote - 9
                       With Ragnar - 20          
                      With  Discovery - 11
     With Copenhagen - 21
    With Solid Rose - 166
                       Had With Kleo - 11             
                   First Horse I ever won in Auction - Admiral  
                 Oldest DOB Horses in My Collection -  Honey ~the one and only~                                                                                    Bred - 2009/09/08  and Cowboy Blue's ~of sunset stables~ Bred - 2008/08/04
                    Best Ranking - 799

            Congrats To All That Read My Whole Presentation! I Hope You Have A Wonderful Day/Night!