Thanks for all the congrats!! APRIL 29TH 2021 I reached 117th in popularity!! Hopefully this continues 

UPDATED APRIL 29th 2021.

Everyone, right now! Go. Congrat. annagirl or im going to steal your cookies :)

I love supporting newbies! I am between 12-100 but not above 20 or below 12... so yea

My favorite color if pink... and yellow! My favorite animalSssss are....

-Horses (dur)-Tigers-Owls-Hawks-BOP (Birds Of Prey)-Swans-Dogs-Hummingbirds!

My hobbies include- Gardening, doodleing, drawing, crafting, buisness-growing (i have my own buisness :) - and of course playing Howrse!!

I love these people (meaning go congrat them lolol)  Dr.Zig, awest, cat14, StarLegacy, Ancient Myth, nvern, Mhwdy, CaptianHook0809, Hiya126, countrylily, jessie420, WickedOne, Leafpool1234, silversky22, SC stables...

These people are newbies and desirve the congrats and friend requests and gifts!!!

-WickedOne annagirl holton

I am updating!! May 3rd 2021!

My new update and news is here to be read!!

My BMI (black market items) that are currently in stock are....

1x Helios Ray (looking to trade for 2x ferlity wonds or 199,000 equus, OR a horse thats 40 passes with the helios ray bg of your choice bought by you!)

1x Hypnos Blankie (looking to trade for 1x ferlity wond or 50,000 e!)

1x Apollos Lyre/Musical toy (looking to trade for 25,000 e)

My current horse interest is...

-Horse with BOM (book of monsters) under 50,000 equus (one bought from countrylily) over 16,500 skill

- Buyable Divine horse under 100,000 equus over 16,500 skill

- Fresian, Camarauge, and Vanner horses under 30,000 equus and over 15k skills, perferred coat colors- Black, White, Flea Bitten Grey, or Creme and white mix.

The buyable horses will be in my Daisy tab for horse tabs

My rules!

1- Any foal under 5k skills will be 5,000 equus and only (unless your offering 15 passes :))

2- I will sell foals over 5k for 6,500 equus, and only unless 15 passes :)

2ndnd- i sell foals over 17k gp, for 10k or 11,000k equus OR 40 passes 
3- I sell mares and stallions under 7 years and under 10k for 15k equus and only unless 25 passes :)

4- I sell mares and stallions under 15 and over 16k for 95k equus and only unless 60 passes.

5- I sell divines (sellable only) for 100k equus or 100 passes depending on GP and Skill.

6- I dont do "buy my horse age it and ill buy it back"

7- I also dont do "Hey, can you breed my horses for 1million equus and ill pay you back 500 equus..." (lol whoever does that, your not very fair :)
8- I help newbies ONLY if they agree to this, If i buy a horse from you over 10,000 equus and I age it over 2 years and 4 months, you have to buy a high gp and skill horse from me, at 65 passes... :) if not, ill help but not buy your horses... lol

9- Im very picky on sales, so offer a extreamly fair or a bit higher price like 1k over.

10- enjoy howrseing. 935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png