Hi and welcome to my page :D

Proud member of  tћε Ꭶωσяɗ's ÐεᎦїяε

Semi-competitive Friesian team currently number 1 on the international server and focused on creating a line of Friesians with a high GP.

We are currently recruiting for competitive positions! DM DarkSoul6340 or me if interested with the questionnaire below!

Competitive requirements:
- Must be able to BLUP 1 horse per week.
- Must have access to the direct sales.
- Must have access to Black Market.
- No experience required!

Recruitment process:
- 4 day BLUP trial. This will get you a place on the team and will count as your BLUP for the week/month.

This team is run by an adult, so if you are a minor, you must get your parents permission to join!!!

Please fill out this questionnaire. It does not determine if you get accepted or not. It's just so we know where you are as far as BLUP experience and what times you're on so we can get you fills.

1. Do you want to be added to the Discord (Yes/No)?

2. Do you know how to BLUP a Friesian (Yes/No)?

3. What is your average BLUP time (real-life)?

4. What is your average BLUP age?

5. How often are you on Howrse (days, times per day, etc.)?

6. Do you have any team experience? If yes, was it a Friesian team?

Current Max GP for sales - 20 450
Coverings: 20 200