Hello!  I am an Adult player! 

I use autocomp for a lot of my blups, if I enter over your horse it is nothing personal!  If you're nice about messaging me I may offer to fill, if not your message may get reported!
If you try to get my discord it will be a waste of your time since I am not in the public servers so if you wish to discuss any "stomping" you think my autocomp does please feel free to message me here on Howrse! 935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png

My highest General Ranking to date: 80th  Oct 1st 2021

Highest Popularity: 2nd

If you need a +40 EC for a skiller message me! I can reserve a box for you. :)

Goal of reaching top 100 in General ranking before 300 days of seniority: achieved! 3rd of July 2021