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welcome to my stable.

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My Game:

I'm focusing primarily on my Chincoteague Ponies and Lusitano unicorns. I also sometimes breed Fjords and Friesians.

One of my side projects is to breed horses that resemble the lesson horses who have taught me so much through the years. Having never had a horse of my own, I truly cherish the time I had in the saddle with each one of them. You can meet some of them here!

I do my best to return congratulations, and am happy to help in any way I can!

Random: I collect horses with affixes I like, particularly if they include references to Middle-Earth or Narnia! (Side note, this has necessitated collecting Philosopher's Stones to make them all immortal…)


    02/27/21 - Gave out the first gallop rosette from
my equestrian center

    12/22/20 - Got my first divine, Cupid

    12/05/20 - Won my first rosette with Fearless

Daily Divine Links:

About Me:

I love horses (no surprise there!), but have not (yet) had the pleasure of owning one. I have ridden for many years at various lesson barns, starting in Western Pleasure when I was in grade school, then switching to Dressage just after college.

My two fandoms are The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit. My favorite music genre is instrumental, especially epic movie soundtracks.

I enjoy bonsai and ornamental gardening (on my apartment patio. It looks like I have a forest out there...
) I also love learning languages! I studied French for many years, though it is unfortunately very rusty. I learned a little tiny bit of Spanish in high school, and my latest project over the past several years has been Japanese. I have plans to study several more in the future as well, including (but certainly not limited to) Norwegian and German. With whatever free time I have left over, I enjoy creating digital and traditional illustrations, writing fantasy stories, and throwing pottery.

I am an adult player, and I share my home with a crested gecko, four leopard geckos, and two cats.
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