DM ME IF YOU HAVE ANY PLEASE X It is my old affix from my old account and am after to buy some of them back for nostalgias sake 
My name is Eurydice have been playing Howrse since 2010 but deleted my old account due to School and Uni exams last year. I am female and 21 years old. My sister Andromache also plays but is looking to leave and is giving away all her horses/BMIs!!!! DM her for Freebies!!
 I am an Australian living in Melbourne and studying Nutritional Medicine and Naturopathy at university. Also speak Russian and some French.
Happy to make new friends and always happy to have a chat. :)

Looking to buy HYPNOS BLANKETS. And any other BMIs. DM me with offers.
My EC guestbook is open please drop in and sign, will pick one entry per week to win a prize from me.

Looking at getting back into Arabian Breeding and Unicorn Breeding personally and either joining or making teams for Barbs  and Purebred Spanish Horses. I am a pass buyer and can BLUP in under 2 hours with fillers.
Will buy ANY horse for 3,500e no need to message just reserve for me I check everyday. I will keep them and wont sell on or safe haven your horses.

Will buy any pregnant mares for 25,000e - 50,000e, price depending on breed, PB and genetics
Will buy ANY pregnant Unicorn mares covered PROPERLY for 50,000-90,000e , price depending on Breed and Genetics.