Welcome to my page and thank you for visiting! I am JumpKick, owner of JumpKick Quarter Horses! I am an adult 20 year old player. As said previously, I mostly specialize in breeding purebred AQH but also explore other breeds at times! I own a couple Quarter Horses in real life and love them with all of my heart! My pfp is my sweet mare Lucky, who is an amazing example of this lovely breed! I've played Howrse on and off for several years but hopefully this account is here to stay for a while!

I love meeting people and making new friends! Feel free to message me whenever! Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a great day! <3

Check my For Sale tab! Feel free to make offers on any prospects as well!


Current Studs:

Message me your mare's info for cover requests. Thanks! 

Upcoming Studs:

None at the moment. Check back in a few days.