Update 10/30/2020 -- I am looking to be a VIP filler for breeding following types of teams
- High GP thoroughbreds
  - Arabian Unicorns 

Hello Everyone! (nicer presentation to come hehe)

My name is Kat, I am a returning player after a several year hiatus. I LOVE HOWRSE! I am getting acclimated to how the game has changed, it is definitely different!

Please message me if you would like to chat!! I love community building. I am 21 years old so please if you are a minor please get your gaurdian's permission before messaging me :)

I am looking for breeding partners for the following:
-High GP Thoroughbreds (I am really looking to join a team for this)

check out my EC forum! Send me a message, add me as a friend! I will return all congrats that I see, I love to check out everyone who stops by.

Have a great day and I hope everyone stays safe and healthy.