I will be inactive for the rest of the week due to a trip! I will try and check messages here and there but if I dont respond right away give me a few days plz!. Thankyou this takes into account on Nov 1st 2021

I am looking for 2 AP farmers! pm me if interested

If theres a team that needs a VIP filler just ask me!

Currently selling all my horse sin my Specials tab! PM me with a link and an offer. Messages without an offer ill be ignored! I am usually very negotiable!

If anyone wants me to create a team for them just Message me!

Champions Bloodline is Recruiting! Currently looking for- Co Manager, Bluppers, VIP fillers

I am looking for someone to do our team page if interested plz Pm me

DA for sale shes in my DA tab. Feel free to message me with an offer

Team- I am interested in joining a Uni team, breed does not matter, I can blup 2 horses a day and I have plenty of BMI's. I do have past experience with managing teams so if you need someone to help contact me!
Sales- I am currently selling most of my horses to make way for my new team, if interested in any of them plz PM me!
BMI's- I have lots of BMI's, I am willing to trade them for Training and breeding BMI's
Pet's- I have lots of pets including a griffin, if your interested and would like to know what I have available plz PM me!
Unwanted Horses- I will take any unwanted horse for 3,000 equus. Just reserve and PM me that the are in there
Sales- If you want a horse form me and I reserve it for you, you have 10 minutes to pick it up before it gets put into direct sales again
Horses- I am currently collecting element horses, If you have any youd like to sell plz contact me and let me know your asking price. Do not message me asking what my offer would be.
Iris-  I am currently trying to sell a horse of mine- if your interested plz contact me with an offer or any questions u have. Plz do not ask me for my price. Link is below
Diamond- I am looking for a diamond apple if your selling one plz message me!