Hello! You can call me Nomad. I’m a 28-year-old college student from Kentucky of the U.S. I have autism, and a couple of mental illnesses. 

I am new to the game but already am in love with it. Horse are a super special interest of mine, and this game certainly helps feed that lol. I also love drawing, reading, writing, video games, and sleep. I try to return congrats and do birthday congrats as well, but with all of my other obligations and my poor memory, I'm not always able to get to them. ^^; My schoolwork and struggles with my disabilities mean I'm not always able to log in daily, but I try. I am also engaged to the super amazing and wonderful My_Jazzi_Girl.

I accept pretty much any random friend requests, as long as I don’t see anything on your profile that makes me think we won’t get along. 

If you are a minor, do not interact with me without permission from your parents. If you wish to contact me over something related to the game (trades, sales, etc.) that is fine. However, trying to engage in friendship with me will most likely be rebuffed. This is for both your and my safety. Thank you!