HEY! I have played this before but not for years. Hopefully I can get into it now that I have some time. The objectives for everyday make it easier to stay in touch so yeah, have fun!!!

If you need friends or help completing daily objectives then just message me and I will try to help, but I usually only get on once or twice a day. Since I have a part time job and help take care of my nephew I am not a full timer on here so please be patient!

Little about me- short and to the point like I like it~
-25 years old
-Own/Cater to 3 cats (plus a neighbors cat so 4)
-Helped take care of dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, goats, fish...can't think of anymore atm...
-Have worked/working at veterinarian office, warehouses, and cleaning ponds (had a few other experiences but these are the main ones I like to focus on)
-Trying to learn Japanese b/c English is crazy 
-I like manga better than anime but do both
-Want to be Indiana Jones for Halloween (already have my whip!)
-Been up and down the east coast of the USA but never higher than NY, haven't gone west more than Illinois/Tennessee (not sure how far I went in either so toss up of how far in either)
-Most of my family is in WV and I love it there (wish I lived there)
-I don't care about politics, I don't want to hear it or the news really

If this isn't enough or want some clarification just ask, worst I could tell you is I won't clarify or answer. I will never be offended by what you ask, I am a person that just lets it go, you only asked a question I shouldn't bite your head off for being curious. BUT if I say I won't answer or something like that PLEASE just drop it. I don't want to be mean but just please stop, don't TRY to be rude. I explained my take on this on here just abide by all rules on Howrse and mine and we won't have any issues!

Hope everyone has fun playing!!!