My farm

   Though my farm is young, my plan for now is simple.

 - To raise as many Purebreed, high GP horses for breeding and selling.
(or to the best of my capabilities ...)

Something a little off the beaten path, I am interested in crossbreeding high GP's. It's actually something that I stumbled upon in the recent days and merely on accident. Let's just say it's hard to tell if you're buying a purebred while on the app... the app is a little . . . off center. Sometimes it works and other times I want to chuck it out the window.

About me

   This account hasn't been my first. Years ago, I had a collection of account, both on the US server and here. I began playing when I was still in my early teens which was around 2014. My earliest memories where of a quite afternoon, playing for hours after school while my brothers where away at boy scouts. It was my quiet time.

   Growing up, I had a love for horses. An absolute love for them! I wanted nothing more than to ride at our local equestrian center. However, my father detest horses and often said that he'd never allow me to own a horse, more or less, even ride one. My grandfather (my dad's father) used to raise race horses and often would fly out to the Kentucky Derby from Georgia (our home state) and toting behind him was my father and aunt. His prize horse was named Firefly. Back to Howrse, as soon as I raise my "prize horse", I will be honoring him by naming that prize horse Firefly.

   Outside of this game I am an author and a dental assistant. I enjoy cooking, photography, gaming, reading, writing, and indoor gardening. I live on a small farm with some cows and goats. Indoors, I own two adorable and feisty cats and one lazy dog.

Obsidian_22   -    Sep. 2020