Hello guys and welcome to my page!!!!                                                                              First off, a whole lot of thanks to GlassesGirl32 for this beautiful layout and avi! Check out her page for some beautiful avis and layouts!!!!                                        I go by Manx, but feel free to call me whatever you want. Send in those friend requests, and I will gladly except them. If you want to talk about literally anything, feel free to message me. And all congrats are greatly appreciated, and will be returned. I reached 11th in popularity on 11/14/2020, the goal is to beat that soon.                                                                Ratchild is great!!!! attac him                                           

ABOUT ME-                                                          The best way to get to know someone is to talk to them, so try reaching me in the chat. I can say I love music(especially rap), animals, food, and waking up every new day. See you in my inbox =)
ABOUT MY GAME-                                                                                                           I am here on Howrse mainly breeding purebred Marwaris. My Marwaris have at least 15000+ GP, and I am working up to get into 16000+ and 17000+ GP. I am also breeding a lot for color, and am working on those as well. Now, I am going to be trying to breed Marwari unicorns too. GP will be a wide range, but I am hoping for at least 10000 GP with them. Yes, all of my horses are named after songs that I love, so don't mind some of the weird names. Feel free to message me if you have any inquiries for any of my horses, I will turn down any on a few of my horses, but will at least consider most offers. Most of my Marwaris are specialized in western riding, and mostly compete in barrel racing. In the future, I want to start breeding Barbs, Donkeys, and Highland Ponies.