A few things about me first:

~I'm a weeb
~Favorite animal is a cat
~My top kin is either Tomura Shigaraki or Karma Akabane
~My top stan is Katsuki Bakugo

And now, a few things about my horses...

~The ones labeled "P00P YOURSELF" are horses that Emma (the Howrse AI thing) gave me and are useless to me, but I can't get rid of. P00P YOURSELF 1.0 / P00P YOURSELF 2.0 are about 12 years old but both have the Philosopher's Stone so they're not dying anytime soon. (,: I might just completely revamp them but I don't have that many items to do it with, if anyone wants to donate any Helios' Rays or Golden Apples, that would be very much appreciated. (Apollo's Lyres would be appreciated too :3)
~I'm trying to make breeding farms based off of animes I watch, so right now I have MHA and HxH. (Sadly, I still need 9 more days of seniority to make a new one.)
~I may be more reluctant to let go of the horses in my "special" breeding farms (i.e. the anime themed ones) because I have put in more effort for them. However, if your offer is reasonable, then I may accept, but please understand if I don't.
~If anyone wants to help me with coats and backgrounds for P00P YOURSELF / P00P YOURSELF 1.0 / P00P YOURSELF 2.0 please reach out to me! I haven't decided which characters I'll be doing for them yet. :D
~!IMPORTANT! I'm trying to make a Todoroki horse but can't seem to find a coat (with the Golden Apple [not vintage]) but I've been looking for an hour now and can't find one :,). If you do find one that would be good for him PLEASE let me know what color and page it was listed on!!! It would be so helpful and much appreciated if you did!!!
Equestrian Center Info:
~I do have an equestrian center called the League of Villains Lair (yes, an MHA reference :3 lol)
~It's about 200 per night I think, and it offers fodder, mash, and oats.
~There are 8 boxes, 7 are available (I had to put one of my horses in for an achievement but I can remove it if need be)
~Please don't hesitate to DM me about any questions about the center or anything else you might need!

Anyway, that's about it!
Have a wonderful day!