~If I stomp a horse of yours that you are blupping I'm sorry, let me know and I can try help you fill comps for it

*Big thank you to ammelockheart for my awesome avatar and welcome banner, I love it!


~I'm a member of several awesome teams at the moment, many of which are recruiting so check them out!


A note on how I price my horses- I check sales first and generally try to put them for sale as the cheapest of their type (ie. breed, coat, bmi's etc)
I'll buy any unwanted horses for up to 2500e50585be4e3159a71c874c590d2ba12ec.png

Looking for the following RC's-They're some of the RC's I remember having on my old game years ago so they do mean something to me (I went through the creation directories on AU howrse to find them568c3842c2bcbdd03b18b49a3284e7d5.png) . Please let me know if you can help me out! Would definitely be willing to negotiate a good price. I think most are from around 2011, I know one is 2016 though. I understand some of these are likely to be very hard to find with not many copies, but if you or anyone you know can help me I would greatly appreciate it! 

*finding Gardien du temps is my priority coat


Always lots of horses for sale! Check them out!
Feel free to make an offer on my GA's. Most of them I would sell for the right price, but don't be offended if I say no as I may simply not want to sell them at that time. Most RC's generally won't be for sale unless someone offers a very good price or they're in sales already.
*If you are a new player and have a female donkey you need covered, let me know and I can offer you a cheap covering!

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