Hey, all! Welcome to my page.

About me and my game:
I am a norwegian woman, student and catmom.
What I spend most of my time on is my team ㄒ卄乇  尺ㄖㄚ卂ㄥ Ꮆㄩ卂尺ᗪ.
I also enjoy collecting divines and horses in general. One of my goals for the future is to have more than 10 000 horses on the game.
My favourite divines that I have are Jade, Epona, Borvo, Tyr and Shenma.
I enjoy giving away a little something to my fellow players on here, so I try to allways keep a customized UFO on my page.

Please don't bother messaging me about "stomping" you or entering 'your' comps with better horses. I do not reply to these messages cause me and alot of others can't remember about 1000 different affixes to avoid and such. I get messages way too often about this and NO I am not going to stop my team work because alot of you dont like it when my horses are winning comps and not yours.. I'm sorry but its really not my problem. The team rankings is a competition in itself which me and my team does EVERYTHING to do good at. If you want to win the comps, do the effort to increase your GP before focusing on winning comps.
A LITTLE TIP FOR Y'ALL: If you age to 10 years old and bold the the three top skills for your breed, you'll end up with a blup of +60. Breeding with +60 blup will only affect the inborn skills and not the GP (so the GP increase will be the same as if you were breeding with +100 blup). If you wanna beat my horses please just do the effort to breed your GP first and dont complain about others who has put more blood, sweat and tears into the competition than you did..

I am the founder of ㄒ卄乇  尺ㄖㄚ卂ㄥ Ꮆㄩ卂尺ᗪ. The team is allways recruiting as long as there are spots open.
To apply for ㄒ卄乇  尺ㄖㄚ卂ㄥ Ꮆㄩ卂尺ᗪ you may send a DM to me or one of the other admins.
Must have discord to join the team, and must be able to follow rules + GP release, AND be able to communicate in the discord server occasionally.

Game tips:
-  COMPANIONS: To see all companions in the direct sales, go to user Hades
- BLUPPING SCHEDULES: For blupping schedules go to the user Dr Zig

- Reached 20k GP with my Shagya team!
- Shagya team got a foal with 6200 ibs! --> 6300 ibs! --> 6400 ibs!
- Have more than 100 immortal horses!, on January 7th 2022
- Finished the Iris coat collection on January 9th 2022
- Finished the 5th element riding horse collection on January 9th 2022
- Finished the 5th element pegasus collection on January 9th 2022
- Have more than 100 divines!, on February 7th 2022.