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Table of Contents:
Events in my Forum---------------------------Games, Giveaways,  Conversations!
Giveaways------------------------------------I will try to stay updated on this.
About Me-------------------------------------------Just a bit about me!
My Game-------------------------------------My current Game.
Great Books------------------------------------I love books!  Info on books.
WINDY-------------------------a little owl who wants to visit every page.
Buying and Selling-----------------------------------Stuff I would like to buy or sell.
Other-----------------------------------Don't really fit with the other categories.
Quotes-----------------------------------------Quotes I really like!

My Forums are open to everyone!  Join the conversation!

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Buying and selling in my Forum:  Foal Ordering
                                                         Covering Offers
                                                                     Donkey Foal Ordering!

Donkey foal ordering available!  More Info in my forum.  Please check it out if you are interested!  For limited time only.

I am going to be playing the game less,  because I am busy with school.  I will try to check on my file at least once a week.

If you know of any Giveaways, please tell me so I can join too! 
8f0d73882229b1f472cf172ee2f66ad8.png Giveaways and Contests Happening now!:

Jennafirestar is having 2 Giveaways!

Murp123 is have a Great Grand giveaway!

asraya is having a giveaway.

Jules2011 is having an avatar Contest!

Jennafirestar is having 2 giveaways!

auty101 Is have a Massive giveaway!

happy days Is have a giveaway!

lexie.0623  Is having a giveaway!

Jules2011 is having a small giveaway!

Don't miss it! BriiNickole Is having a Unicorn giveaway!!!

citygirl21 is having a giveaway!

Horse-Breeder is having a giveaway!

You can access most of the giveaways without a link through my   friends  Friend List.

If you are able....

Send: Friend Requests, Gifts, Congratulations, Tips and tricks to Tansie. More info in my forum.  To those of you who have reached out to Tansie,  thank you!

If you need help in your current game PM me and I can help!

About Me:

Pets:                                                                          Favorite Things:

2 Cats- Who are very playful!                                  Favorite Books:  The WingFeather Saga  1 Dog- Still needs trained....                                    Favorite Sport:  Basketball
.                                                                               Favorite Season:  SUMMER!!!

I won't be on howrse as much because school is starting up for me.  I will still finish the 2 Giveaways I'm having currently, and I will try to check up on my account every once and awhile.

Dream:  To one day have a few horses of my own.  

My Game:

Important Clicks:




My Goals:
Get Congratulated 500 times!
Have 60 day Seniority.
Have 50 Horses in Favorites!
Have 10 Donkeys!
Have 10 Unicorns!!!
Have 500,000 Equus! 
Have 500 Passes!
Have 50 Friends! (8/30/20), done by FearOfButterflies) 
Have 100,000 Equus! (8/14/20)
Have 25 Friends! (8/10/20)
Get Congratulated 100 times! (8/11/20, done by Rae765)

I just got reserved sales!
Presentation last updated:  9/10/20
Forum last updated:  9/10/20

Please know:  I am a non Pass Buyer.  I usually use all of the passes I get.

Great Books!

I really Like the WingFeather Saga!  If you like Fantasy you should definitely check it out! 
                                                 Books I am reading right now:
 The Brixton Brothers.

Books I have read Recently:
The Phantom TollBooth-  Very good book,  especially if you like word-puns!
The Brixton Brothers Detective agency-  Funny detective book!

If you have any Great books, tell me!  I'm working on reading more and am trying to find books.  I especially like Fantasy, Adventure books!

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This is Windy the Owl,  He wants to visit every page!  Help out by putting him on your Presentation!

Buying and Selling
I  have a few horses I am going to sell in a bit, if you are interested in a few we can make a deal for the horse(s).  I mostly sell my horses in Direct sales so if you don't have that, let me know and I can change it to Auctions.

I am looking for cheap Unicorns!  Especially Female Mustang Unicorns or Arabian Unicorns.  Please Message me if you are selling any for a good price in Equus.

I am looking for cheap Donkeys!  I will only take donkeys who have been covered 1 or 0 times.  Please message me if you are selling any for Equus.

Looking for Donkey coverings.  I would pay as much as 7500 Equus.

If you have any Gypsy Vanners, Arabians, or Mustangs you are selling please let me know.  

Any advice?  I would love to hear it!
I try to get back to people as quickly as possible and LOVE chatting!  a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png
I accept most friend requests and can help new players.  Please know I may not always be able to help you.  I can offer advice about the game.

"Nothing is impossible.  The word itself says I'm possible."

-Audrey Hepburn

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."


I don't want to live like there is no tomorrow,  I want to live like today is the day I will be remembered for.

- Summer Laneer (me)

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