Brynmawr Stables

Welcome to Brynmawr Stables, my Thoroughbred breeding farm.

I'm Keira, a hobby player and, in real life, horse lover. I take lessons but unfortunately don't own a horse of my own.

Notes on Brynmawr

I don't sell my Ladies. They're the horses I put the most effort into and am the most proud of as well as being my main bloodline.

I'm always willing to team up! In fact, I'm looking to do just that. And always looking for tips to improve my gameplay.

Note: I am a (young) adult player. As such, I'd really like to avoid messaging underage players. Remember to stay safe online and keep your personal details hidden!

I'm also enrolled in a conservatory, and my studying combined with day jobs and such require a lot of my attention. For this reason, I'm not as active on the game as some.

Love, Keira