I only play for fun (not really competitively) so if you see a horse you like/want just ask, I might be willing to sell it to you (Requires reserved sales). Feel free to make an offer- I won't take under 5000 for a male, 7000 for a female. I'm willing to hold a horse & change prices under certain circumstances (If it is not already in sales).
If you see a stallion you would like to breed with, I'd be happy to reserve it. I don't offer covers from donkeys or drafts. I'm willing to offer from unicorns if they're breeding age. Prices will depend on the horse, most are 500.  
I occasionally buy back horses I've sold when I find them for sale.

I accept all friend requests! If you want to talk, I'll try to get back to you asap.
If you see the name Hidden976 elsewhere, it's probably me. :)
I try to congratulate back but usually forget. :/ 

I try to give all of my horses actual names because I believe it's wrong for an animal to be identified by breed/number/etc. I understand why you would in real life but this is just a game so why not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

About me
I don't like to include many details about myself but I will say that I ride (Western) but don't own a horse yet. I've ridden many different types of horses but I mainly ride a rescued Percheron/Morgan cross by our best guess (odd, I know).  
I'm unfortunately one of those annoying people who says white instead of light grey because if you say grey I assume you mean a dapple. I also tend to group bay, chestnut, etc., into the category of brown unless there's a specific instance where they need to be identified differently.

"Me over us puts you in the past" -Jordan Davis